Daycare, Preschool & Early Childhood Development – Ellisville, Missouri

Daycare, Preschool & Early Childhood Education are offered to the Ellisville, Ballwin, Eureka, Wildwood, Grover, Glencoe and surrounding areas by Kids International.  The business was established in 1997 and is now owned and managed by Anne and Ken Otto.  Located on more than 1.5 acres, Kids International campus provides a safe, clean, comfortable and kid friendly environment so kids can focus on being kids.  The building was built to look like a residential home to help kids feel more at home.  Don’t be fooled though…this is no ordinary “house”.  Inside is a creative blend of state of the art childcare and spacious home feel.  Modern equipment is just the beginning of our state of the art facilities.

Our classrooms are bright, colorful, and engaging with enough space for everyone to spread out.  Teacher/Student ratios are better than state requirements which provide for an exceptional quality program.

Our teachers, on average, have more than 8 years of childhood education experience and believe kids learn best by doing. Our hands-on activities immerse children in fun while learning.

Daily notes are provided so you know exactly what your child did in any given day of fun.  Enrichment classes, CompuChild and Gymnastics Express are available weekly.

Our nutritional food program that is second to none.  Our children receive breakfast, lunch and a snack, which is prepared fresh daily in our kitchen. Our cook has been preparing healthy, nutritious food for our students for more than 10 years.  Part of creating a home-like environment for the children is serving them their meal family-style.

Our playground equipment is unmatched by other childcare providers.  Modern and safe, our equipment provides the ultimate combination of fun and peace of mind.  Our sprawling “backyard” provides plenty of room for exercise and adventure and adds to the “home away from home” experience so kids are comfortable.  Notable features to the spacious backyard are a garden, walking path and low bridge so kids can experience nature safely.

Our classrooms are bright, colorful, and engaging with enough space for everyone to spread out.  Teacher/Student ratios are better than state requirements which provide for an exceptional quality program.  Our teachers, on average, have more than 8 years of childhood education experience and believe kids learn best by doing.  Our hands on activities immerse children in fun while learning.

In addition to exposing kids to computers, we have added SMART Tables, which support the Reggio Emilia Approach.  One touch on the SMART Table screen is never enough.  Young students are drawn to its surface, where work and play come together in hands-on, collaborative activities.

The SMART Table is the first multi-touch, multi-user interactive learning center that allows groups of students to work simultaneously on its surface.  The table’s interface is so intuitive that even the youngest of students can get started without instructions.  Designed to encourage collaboration, the table gives teachers flexible content options.  They can use customize, ready-made activities or create their own.  And the table is ready to use


I was thinking back to when we learned KI was getting a new owner, and the anxiety that followed.  But, it didn't take long after your arrival and seeing you in action that we knew this was a positive change.  I remember dropping off an 8 week old Reece on his first day at KI and not worrying for even a second  that he would be safe or well cared for.  As a working mother, you know what a HUGE relief that is!  And I thank you for providing that every day for both our boys.  More than just our kids daycare owner,  you became a friend.  Thanks you for the kind words of support and encouragement over the years.  Both Rick and I will miss seeing and chatting with you every day.  And even though he is too cool to admit it, Riley misses your hugs and Reece will too.  You will always have a special place in all our hearts.


Dear KI Staff, I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful care you have given to my children over the last 5 years.  I was so nervous to send my kids to a center but, KI is not a daycare center !  It is a home!  You each have played a special part in my children's lives and we are forever grateful!  I will try to live up to Ms. Sharon's toast, Ms Nicole's fun projects, Ms. Madison's hair-dos, the list goes on and on!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Happy KI Family

Being a first time parent I wasn't sure what to expect when I would start brining my then 3 month old daughter to KI for the first time.  Taryn is now 9 months old and I can honestly say that I really feel like these people (KI Staff) are part of our family.  The teachers seem to really love and care about the kids and work very hard to accommodate each child's individual needs.  The staff is wonderful and caring and very thorough.  The communication between teachers and parents is great.  At the end of every day I know exactly what Taryn did that day.  I would highly recommend KI to anyone interested in the best child care there is to offer.

Mandy G

Can't believe the time has come.....  🙁 This will be Cole's last week at KI since school will be starting next week. Jeff and I can't think everyone enough for EVERYTHING you've done for Tyler and Cole.  You have made the transition so easy for me when I had to drop Tyler off for the first time.  We never had a doubt that KI was the place for our boys.  They love(d) every teacher and staff so please know that each one of you made an imprint on their lives in some way. Thank You Thank You Thank You for what you do each and every day!  

Jeff and Carrie

I can't say enough great things about Kids International.  The relationships that my child has with the staff members is just amazing- from the director to the cook to his teacher - they are all so loving and nurturing.  The lessons the teachers design around the kids interests is incredible to see.  My son enjoys them  learns so much.  Lastly, I love the healthy meals that the cook makes everyday.  I know my child is eating well each day at school and tries so many different foods.

Happy KI Mom