Antsy Ants

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Antsy Ants Room – 2 year old classroom

Our 2 year old classroom is the Antsy Ants room. They are learning to work together in a group setting as well as exploring and playing on their own. The room is arranged for the children to explore art, science, imaginative play, sing songs, listen to music, build and create. The Antsy Ants 2 year old classroom teachers design activities that are developmentally appropriate, to assist each child as they progress through the predictable stages of social, emotional and cognitive growth in their second year. One of the stages the 2 year old classroom children pass through is toilet training. Our teachers work with families to support the family’s toilet training plan, and have had much experience in helping children and families through this process.

Play Ground Equipment

A typical day in the Antsy Ants room would begin with a home-cooked breakfast prepared on-site by our cook. After breakfast, the children go outside on the playground or play in the backyard. They then gather in the classroom for group time, which they might start by singing a song about the weather they observe, the days of the week, or an alphabet song. As a group, the teachers often have children explore an art project that deepens their understanding of the topic the class is studying. This could range from painting with feathers as they study nature or making collages using items found on the nature trail in our back yard.


After group time, the class has free play so the children can choose to explore together or individually the science center, the dramatic play center, the train table or the doll house, or create masterpieces at the art table. One of their favorite activities is dramatic play, where you never know who your preschooler will choose to be on any given day!

Around noon, it is lunchtime with another home-cooked meal from Miss Sharon, and after lunch, comes nap time. The afternoon is spent mainly in free play with some planned art or group activities. As long as the weather cooperates, the children get outside to play for a good portion of the afternoon.

In the Antsy Ants room, your child’s progress will be monitored closely by our teachers to assure you that they are reaching the appropriate milestones in their second year. Of course you can meet with your child’s teacher at any time, but we also schedule two formal assessments for you and the teacher to review your child’s progress against these milestones.