Babes & Tots Room

Here is information on our Babes and Tots room.

Babes and Tots Room

Babes and Tots Room is home to our littlest friends. The ages of the Babes ranges from six weeks to approximately 9 months. The Babes and Tots room is designed to provide the most nurturing, home-like environment for your baby. You will provide the teachers with your baby’s feeding and sleep schedules so that we are working together to meet your family’s needs.

The Babes and Tots room teachers work with you to monitor the developmental growth of your baby. Our teachers are experienced at helping each child reach and surpass those developmental milestones that are so important in the first year. Each day you will receive a written communication explaining how your baby’s day unfolded. This will include feeding, napping and diapering times, your child’s overall disposition for the day, developmental successes and any specific information that will help you understand your baby’s day. In addition, we provide Day Notes with pictures that explain the day’s events in the classroom. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open in the Babes and Tots room so you can easily monitor your child’s progress and growth.

Tots Room

The Tots Room is for children from approximately 9 months to 16 months. Once the babies begin to crawl and are sleeping slightly less than the youngest infants, they move to our Tots Room. The Tots Room is designed for the children to crawl, explore, play and become more independent, but still be treated like the little ones that they are.

The room is designed to support their crawling and exploring in a safe, nurturing environment. You and the teacher work closely on monitoring their growth in gross motor skills, emerging verbal skills, their change in dietary habits, transitions from bottles to cups and their entry into the world of walking. This is a very busy time for your baby and our teachers are very experienced in supporting and giving guidance on these changes. Each day you will receive written communication as to how your child’s day unfolded. In addition, Day Notes are provided with pictures and explanations as to what the entire classroom accomplished that day. The Babes and Tots teachers also keep a “baby album” which is a collection of pictures, notes and artwork of your child’s first year that you will receive when your baby “graduates” to the toddler room. It is a lovely keepsake that chronicles their time in the Babe and Tots rooms.